December 9, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Overland Airways has commenced flight services to Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, from the airline’s hub in Abuja.
The airline will operate thrice-weekly flights (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) between Abuja and Jalingo. Overland Airways provides scheduled domestic passenger services in Nigeria, and is a leading charter services operator in West and Central Africa.

To date, Overland Airways is Nigeria’s most consistent longest serving airline providing uninterrupted flights and opening up Nigeria’s remote economies over the last 13 years. The airline operates a current fleet of 9 modern turboprop aircraft excellently adapted to its short-distance operations.
“Overland Airways is an outstanding economic development partner and catalyst in Nigeria creating value for remote cities and communities. Our cardinal objective is to fast-track national development especially at the hinterland level, and we have a deep sense of fulfillment each time we connect another potential economic powerhouse like Jalingo to the main economic hubs,” says Mrs. Aanu Benson, Chief Operating Officer of Overland Airways. “Today marks the beginning of a new economic frontier for Taraba State. Overland Airways is pleased to bring air connectivity to bear on the efforts to accelerate economic development in Jalingo and Taraba State.”
Remarkably, Overland Airways is the first-ever airline to launch flights to Jalingo airport, thus opening the State to unprecedented economic development in tourism, agribusiness, small and medium scale industries, etc. This notable feat is one of several characteristics that single out Overland Airways as an unmatched partner in economic empowerment and development especially in hinterland regions in Nigeria.
Overland Airways is renowned for launching first-ever flights to several Nigerian secondary airports such as Asaba, Dutse, Katsina and Minna, which has effectively created an extensive web of economic development in these regions and their environs.
Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State expresses delight at the launch of flights to Jalingo which provides a strong boost to economic development efforts in Taraba State.
Sitting in the tropical belt with a vast geographic area featuring mountains, hills and lush grasslands and high-yield arable land, Taraba State has huge agricultural, tourism and other potentials for investment. The State is known to produce some of the world’s best quality tea cultivated on the Mambila Plateau. Cassava, yams, potatoes, (sweet/Irish) cocoyam, rice, maize, cotton, cowpea, millet, sorghum, ground nut oil, sesame, and soya bean are produced in large quantity in the State. Taraba is a major producer of sugar cane, coffee, cocoa, coconut, palm produce, citrus, mango, apple and tomato, etc. Taraba’s vast rice fields hold potentials for Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in rice production.
Interestingly, processing of fruits and vegetables, palm oil and timber as well as diary and livestock farming, meat processing, tannery and leather processing make Taraba a potential economic hub in the region.
Taraba State also offers a rich variety of mineral deposits including graphite, calcite, barites, quarzite, tin ore, kaolin, topaz, uranium and various gemstones. Taraba has borders with Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau, Nasarawa and Adamawa.
With air connectivity, these potentials could more easily be accessed and exploited for the benefit of the State and its citizenry. This is the ultimate goal of Overland Airways in as it opens up Jalingo and the larger Taraba State.
Mrs. Benson further states: “Overland Airways has the zeal to provide avenue for wealth creation especially in Jalingo and other remote cities in Nigeria. We are passionate about alleviating the challenges facing road commuters, and we are pleased to enhance the movement of economic developers, new investors, tourists, etc. to and from Jalingo. Residents and visitors of Jalingo and its environs will no longer have to travel to other states to catch a flight to Abuja.
“We are humbled to see the economic impact of opening up Nigeria’s hinterland destinations; from Ilorin, Ibadan, Dutse, Bauchi to Minna, etc., the benefits of Overland Airways air connectivity are remarkable. We invite you to experience Overland Airways’ on-board hospitality in Jalingo. Our fares start from N25,000.00,” she states.
In the difficult operating environment in Nigeria, it takes great courage and professionalism to venture into remote routes with low yield. Overland Airways relies on its excellent fleet choice, professionalism and outstanding management and discipline to sustain its vigorous spread in Nigeria’s hinterland destinations
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